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Suits aren’t for casual housewarming parties. They’re a clothing item reserved for more formal, business-oriented occasions.
It goes without saying that in these situations, the first impression is the ONLY impression and it is important to make it count.

Wearing clothes with inappropriate fit gives the impression of slackness and that one puts little effort into their attire. If the clothes are too tight then the wearer will experience discomfort and thus affect their demeanor. A well-tailored, well-fit suit represents the wearer’s effort and the prestige of a gentleman.
It shows coordination and meticulousness. By paying attention to the smallest details, it would make a difference in how you feel,
how people perceive you and the impressions you make.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when finding the perfect fit for your suit.

Brushing After Each Use

Whether you’re out and about in the city or just sitting in the office all day, suits collect dirt and dust. Leaving it without prompt brushing will cause the grime to settle into the fibres and the fabric will lose its integrity over time. Thus, it is important to give your suit a quick 60-second brush down once you’re done for the day. It is recommended to use a soft-bristled suit brush made with natural animal hair. Brush your suit in the same way you shave, with sweeping, downward strokes starting at the shoulders and work your way down. Another benefit of brushing is that it makes your suit less attractive to moths!

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Dry Clean Sparingly

Your suit will need clearing but too much dry cleaning will reduce your suit’s lifespan. The high-speed cycle, chemicals along with the heat cause more harm than good to the fibres of your suit. We advise you to take your suit to the cleaners  once or twice a year or only if there is a noticeable stain that cannot be spot cleaned. 

Pro tip:
Sending your suits to organic dry cleaners means you can opt for no starch. If you’re just taking it for a stubborn stain, ask them to spot clean the affected area for more wallet and suit friendly approach.

Rest Your Suit

Your suit will last longer if you do not wear it everyday. And it is not just for hygienic purposes. It is important to rotate your suits as the fabric after a long day of picking up dirt from the outside and moisture from your body and the air, allowing your fabric to recover will greatly extend the suit’s lifespan. The general rule of thumb is 24 hours for lighter suits and 48 hours for heavier suits. All your suit needs is time to get it back into its optimal drape – much like your body after exercise.

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Store with Care

Before storing, make sure to brush, dab, hand, and bag your suit. If your suit has been to a smoky or smelly environment, airing it for a few hours would get rid of the odours. To maintain its shape, hang your jacket on an appropriate hanger that supports the shoulders and always hang your trousers vertically. 

Cedar for Moths

Moths are the bane of your suit’s existence. They can lay over 100 eggs and consider your clothes as their free-for-all buffet. Using cedar for suit storage can benefit as natural moth repellent as well as absorbing any residual moisture, leaving behind a pleasant scent on textiles. Cedar blocks may lose their scent after a while and using cedar essential oil to renew the scent would be good for you. However, sprinkling the oil directly onto any of your clothes might damage the textile fibres. 

However, if you do have a moth problem, cedar alone won’t cure it. It is advisable to have all your clothes cleaned or frozen for a few days. This would kill the larvae. Frequent vacuuming and using moth traps are some other necessary measures to take.

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Steam Your Suit

No need for irons this time. The heat from the iron can scorch the fibres of your suit. Suits look best when pressed. A handheld steamer works just as well as it can relax any wrinkles and freshen up the odour without burning the fibres.

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