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While different gentlemen have different styles that best suit them, the process is universally the same. This standardisation ensures the best productivity and that our clients will always get the best from The Cayman Tailor.


Choose over our thousands of fabrics and we have something for our clients’ taste and requirement. Our master tailors are ready for consultation as you browse through our huge array of fabrics at your leisure.

You may also try on our sample jackets to give you a clear idea on the style you want and we can also recommend any detail you might want to include in your suit. If there is anything you would like to add, feel free to mention it to our master tailors.

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During this stage, your body posture is vital to ensure the best fit for the suit. Our master tailors will take a combination of up to 30 unique measurements of your body along with notes and photographs of your posture. This is to ensure we get the best fit for your style and comfort.


It will take approximately 50+ man hours for a suit. Our master tailors will work closely with our consultant ensuring the final product will be to your utmost satisfaction.

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The Cayman Tailor always put customer satisfaction as our top priority. The bespoke process serves to ensure each and every customer is exceptionally happy with the final creation. You will try on the finished suit and ensure everything feels comfortable and looks good on you. No matter what adjustments are needed, we will be there for you until you are 100% satisfied with the look and fit.


For the comfort and privacy of our customers, appointment is recommended. However, you may contact and check with us if there is any instant available slot.
We usually take around 2-3 weeks for suit tailoring and 1-2 week(s) for shirt and trousers tailoring. For express service, you may contact us for further arrangement.

You will be involved in three sessions. 

First visit: Fabric selection & measurement

From Dormuil to Scabal, we have the fabric selection for you. If you are not sure where to start, our master tailors will recommend to you the fabric that suits your style and occasion.

Second visit: Fitting

Our master tailors find the best fit for your body during the process while you will gain an understanding on which style works best for you and the occasion.

Third visit: Final collection

Collect your suit or wear them directly from our store to the event you are heading to and get ready to shine.

Absolutely nothing and be prepared to discover the bespoke journey with us. However, you may do some own researches such as the colours and patterns that you are seeking for.

Whenever you button the top button (never the bottom), the jacket should hug your stomach softly without feeling constricting. The jacket should not be pulling on the button, forming an “X”; indicating that the fit is too tight. After buttoning, you should be able to tug it slightly and still have around two inches or five cm of space. Any tighter then you will feel uncomfortable and any wider will create unattractive wrinkles.

Set yourself above the rest with true experienced bespoke tailoring

Whether it is for a special occasion or you are simply looking to add superior quality and design to your wardrobe, we provide customized designs from the ground up. At The Cayman Tailor, we bring out the confidence in every gentlemen through our craft.

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